2 thoughts on “What We’ve Seen On the Phones So Far

  1. Ravi is clearly innocent of the accusations. All the accusations come from those intentional in bearing false witness. I cannot wait for the truth to come out. When the church ceases to trust it’s Maker it shoots itself in the foot, is weak and is easily defeated (OT Israel, so many examples). That is what has happened in this Zacharias saga. Mr. Zacharias is innocent and nothing to see here, but, with regards to the church, it has completely failed to have a backbone, trust God, and fight for truth. This is why RZIM fell down flat on it’s face after his passing. Mr. Zacharias is innocent, but RZIM without him now has no backbone. His wife and son are speaking out, it is so sad RZIM has failed so miserably I think it is the end of truth at that ministry.

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